Wellcraft Construction Company

Experience, Reliability, and Quality Craftsmanship for your construction needs.

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 Allow me to introduce our firm to you.  We trade under the name of Wellcraft Construction Company.  We are centrally located in Bucks County, allowing us to serve the city, suburbs, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

In our employ is a contingent of well-trained mechanics, capable of performing all phases of the construction, plumbing and mechanical trades.  They are experienced in renovation and new construction of commercial building, shopping centers, and malls.  We offer efficient, quick and clean service for normal repairs, renovations and new construction.

Because we feel it is important to be responsive to our customer’s needs, we are a vital and growing concern.  At the present time we are doing approximately 90% of our work in the commercial and industrial fields, with various property managers and developers.

One advantage we have over a number of contractors is the personal rapport we have with our mechanics.  As a result, these men perform in a conscientious and cost effective manner.

I hope that you will consider us in the near future for any up-coming work, be it normal maintenance, renovations, or new construction.

Joseph C. Lees

Wellcraft Construction Company, Inc.